Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Living Too!

I moved my blog over to a new home and a new name. Right now, I want to blog without someone looking over my shoulder and since I have the suspicion that someone I know is lurking, I decided that now is the time to move.
So why Living Too? Because, I am a working mom, keeping up with two kids, and surviving. I am living my life and raising to kids. I work my tail off to provide and be everyone that i need to be. Most I am living.
One thing that I am going to do is limit pictures of my kids and photos, since this is not a blog that my family reads I need to be more careful.
I've got a lot rambling around in my head and hope to get back on the blogging wagon soon. I am going to contact my old friends and let them know where I am. Until then, Happy Tuesday.

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