Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BAH Woes

I am jumping on the BAH bandwagon because just found out something that makes me think of BAH a little different. If you have not read the previous articles here and here, please go check them out. It explains the ups and downs of BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) and Military housing.

Done, thanks for coming back. Interesting isn't? What do you think? Should we just be thankful that we get to live on base? Or is it a privilege? Some days I have a hard time remembering to be thankful for the roof over my head. Especially when you are on day 3 of a big whole in your front yard.

THIS is what I learned.

  • J, my little man, will be spending 2 mornings a week with my friend who has an in home daycare. She is licenced by the CDC (child development center) here on base and so I had to complete some paper work with them so that everything is in order for her to keep J. With all military CDC's the amount that you pay per month is based on your pay PLUS your BAH. No matter if you live on base or off. In essence, our BAH is included in our income becasue we pay rent. That does not say living for free to me.

  • If this has changed let me know. Several years ago when I was getting financial aid to finish school, one of the forms that I had to fill out wanted to know the BAH and rent amount. The BAH was included as part of our income, and rent was included as an expense. We lived off base at that time.

  • Lastly, when we were having problems with housing at a previous base the CO (commanding officer) of the base and some others came to my house to see the problem. They explained that the housing allowance for an E5 with 2 kids was equivalent to a 3 bedroom townhouse or apartment with no garage and we should be grateful for the house that we live in. If you live in the a townhouse or apartment please don't think that I look down on you. I worked hard to get through college and have lived in several apartments. But I do not want to raise my kids in a townhouse or apartment. I want them to have a yard and some space to be kids.
So please, mind what you say because we have worked just as hard to get here as you have worked to get into your home. To say that we get all this free stuff is a slap in the face and completely erases all the hard work our spouse have done.


Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Wow, I had no idea the CDC took our BAH into consideration. Huh.

You make a good point: if BAH is considered income in many scenarios (child care being one of them) then it certainly isn't a "freebie". We work hard for it just like John-civilian works hard for each dollar of his paycheck.

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