Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Word & Colonial America

So the word came down this week and R is penciled into class in San Diego. He will start in January or April. The class is one year and very hard. Many people do not move their families, but coming off our 2nd deployment in 2 years. we will not stay behind. I look forward to moving to San Diego and all that there is to see and explore. It will be so expensive. The time line is crazy. He gets home in October and possibly checking out of here and moving in December and classes begin in January. You would almost hope for the April class, but we are ready to get this going. He is excited about the class and I do not want that hampered by time.

Until then, we are learning about Colonial America and trying our first lapbook. I think that this will be fun for C. She is a hands on girl. Anyway, head over to CurrClick, sign up, and get the Colonial America lapbook download. There is tons of booklets that will keep you all busy for a while.

It is raining here and so a movie, popcorn, and maybe a nap are in our future. Take Care.


The Mrs. said...

I dont blame you for heading out there with him. Expenses be darned!

Angela said...

I cannot wait to start this unit study in our home! And good for you moving to be with him. Can't wait until our's is back even though it's only for a few months...wish he was going somewhere we could move too.