Thursday, August 14, 2008

9 Years

Today is our anniversary. Nine years together, only this year like others we are separated by many miles. What a sacrifice that the military wife makes so that her husband can defend freedom. Birthday, anniversaries, holidays of all kinds, first sports games, dance recitals, and so many small things are done solo in our house. This year will be the fist year that both kids are involved in some type of extracurricular activity, and I have no idea what i will do if they have to be in 2 places at once. So this anniversary is just a reminder that although we have been married for 9 years things are not easier.

Today is also about a husband who sacrifices more than I ever could. He continues to sign those reenlistment papers. He loves being in the military and he loves being a corpsman. He misses first steps, lost teeth, teaching his son to hit a golf ball, and his daughter's first camping trip. He sits in 100+ temps and fights against people that he cannot believe in and cannot trust. He and the men in his unit do it all to prevent further terrorist attacks. Happy Anniversary! The kids and I cannot wait for you to get home.

So this is a thank you for all the sacrifices to all the men and women in the military. Today cannot be much of a celebration for me (we will celebrate in a couple of months), but I am celebrating by thanking God for the men and women out there who are willing to miss milestones so that we are all safer. If you know anyone in the military or a military wife, tell them Thank You and that you support what they are doing.


Michelle said...

happy belated anniversary to you both; I'm sorr you have to be separated for this special day. Joe left right before our anniversary last year and was gone through the holidays (Sep-Jan) and now as you've read on my blog he'll be gone all of next year too. It is hard to be without our spouses on those special days, and thinking of all the things they'll miss out on while they are gone. Praying the time goes by quickly for you!

Laura said...

Happy anniversary, and thank you to, as well for your service!

Sallie said...

Thanks for visiting my page!! Praying for your family and your husband while he is gone.. can only say "we've been there, done that" and probably will some more..

Take lots of pics and/or video and then at least he doesn't totally miss it all!

God bless,