Thursday, November 6, 2008

It Has Been Forever

We have been so busy since Daddy got home. I feel like I have been neglecting the Internet. Hah!

  • We took a 10 day vacation and it was wonderfully relaxing.
  • We took a field trip to the Kolomoki Mounds in Blakely, GA. There are some good nature trails and a outdated mini golf that my boy loved.
  • We spent a few days with my husband's parents and went trick or treating with cousins. They were so excited all day long and 2 of the were asleep in the car by 7:30pm.

And then we came back home and I am not sure that we have sat down yet. I was doing mountains of laundry when I noticed rat/mouse droppings in many places throughout the house. We have never had mice before so I was beside myself. Then we noticed that our dog was covered in fleas. I have been fighting fleas and we thought we had a hold on it but when your neighbors 3 dogs are not being taken care of things can get out of control quickly. Hubby called base housing and they sent Orkin over to spray. We caught one mouse (he was cute) and I was told to vacuum everyday to get rid of the fleas.

Our surprise from housing was that they had just purchased some townhomes in a community closer to my husband's work. There is not any base housing where he works so he drives 45 minutes each way. Killer on the gas budget. His commute will be 15 minutes each way now.These townhomes are nicer than what we live in now and they are in a regular community. So we begin moving immediately. You may not see me around here for a while, but I will be back. So keep us in your prayers. Take care and see you soon.

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mindi said...

Yea for you and a new home!
We live in the country so we now have mice. I'm not sure what to do with them. I'm weird, I can't kill them, so I trap them in live traps. They are so tiny with big brown eyes, but they keep coming through a hole in the wall, and that's not somthing I can fix myself!!