Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spears Art Studio

Spears Art Studio was a CD-Rom chock full of ideas, templates, directions, and fun. To say that it was not intimidating would be a lie, but once I sat still long enough and really read through what they had to offer I was impressed. Their directions are easy to follow and I can easily see how to scale back to fit our homeschool environment.

I know that art has a place in education, but I was not sure how to implement it. My girl, C, loves to create everything, usually it involves a mess. Yesterday, it involved a whole lot of paint on my kitchen floor. Thankfully it was washable. Spears Art has helped me become a little bit more confident in showing C about art and relaxing a little bit to let her make a mess.

We received the K-8 Teacher's Manuel on CD-Rom ($39.95). You can visit their website to check out the many sample pages available. Also there are high school and calligraphy guides. Something for everyone either in CD-Rom version or hard copy. There is enough to last a full school year and teach multiple ages at the same time. My preschooler has enjoyed some of the projects, which is good, because he hates to color.

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