Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Painting and Moving

First some homeschool stuff. I took the kids and met up with about 25 other kids at a paint your own pottery store called Proudest Monkey. I have no idea what that name means, but it was a very cute store. The prices on the pottery were fantastic. You could do a cake stand for $20.00 plus the cost of firing. So take a friend or 2 to split the cost of firing and enjoy. C is painting an ice cream cone that opens and J is painting a robot bank. I did not realize that his eyes looked like that when I took the picture. Creepy.
I am telling you that this homeschool stuff is easier than you think. Hard days! YES of course, but fun is well worth it.

Secondly, we have some inspection days, pack out days, and moving days scheduled. That is a relief. It gives some time to work with and see what we have to do. We can get the house cleaned and be ready to start driving as soon as R finishes his check out. Now all we have to do is keep in contact with the people who schedule the packers, because we do not want our pack out dates lost in the system and the packers never show up. I mention it because it has happened to others before. Moving with the military is quite an adventure.


mindi said...

I'm looking up one of those pottery painting places, that sounds awesome!!

Anonymous said...

i am a new army wife, and young mom, did you chose to home school because of moving often? or personal reasons? my baby is young, but preschool will start soon, and I don't know if homeschooling him and future children will benefit them in the military lifestyle. id love your advice, thanks