Saturday, April 4, 2009

Critical Thinking Math grade 2

I have been wanting to give the Critical Thinking Co. a try for a long time. I was hoping that they lived up to their reputation of making kids think through their schoolwork. C would much rather me tell her how and why to do everything than for her to take the time to think things out. So I sat and waited for the possibility to get to review anything from Critical Thinking Co.

I did get the chance to review the Mathematics Reasoning Book 2 ($32.99)and I am so glad that I did. C loves this workbook. It is bright and engaging and just what we needed. A little break from the rigors of math was well deserved. C loves Math, but had gotten bogged down in the routine of computing math and not able to see around the problems to trust the answers in her head.

We are back to homeschooling after our move and adding Critical Thinking Math to our day has put us off on the right foot. I hope to look at other Critical Thinking books and add them to our homeschool in the future.

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