Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

My Tackle it Tuesday project turned into a 2 day event. It started yesterday with pulling all the decorations down, boxing them up, and hauling them to the garage.

Then I wanted to move a couple of things. This is normally the dining room, but it was the larger of the rooms and so we swapped. During Christmas the room kept getting smaller and more cluttered. I knew we need to really declutter when I took all the Christmas decorations down.

Here are the after, you can tell that the sun was out today. Please feel for me that we cannot paint the walls. Ignore the blond head, she is my helper. She loves to move things around and decorate. Occasionally, I lose her to the TV.

The sofa and chaired stayed, but we switched the desk and shelves and changed out the end table by the couch. That little table has been around forever, but the chairs broke and we got rid of them.

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