Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Wonders from Download N Go

From Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse the Winter Wonders Download-N-Go

E-Book has got to be my favorite from this series so far. The cute graphics and detailed lesson plans give you a week’s worth of activities. I easily get our lapbook materials together and do all the cutting; the kids do the coloring while we read. We could spend all day viewing the videos that are linked in the lesson plan.

Winter Wonders has links to videos, vocabulary words, to the Autumn Treasures from Download-N-Go, and links to other activities that can be added to a lapbook. Adding to our day with these lapbooks are the best way that we can add a preK and 3rd grade together for a lesson. I love all the book recommendations that are listed, even at my small library we can find some of these books.

The Download-N-Go series will be an excellent addition to any homeschool. These lapbooks and lessons will work with just about any homeschool method, need, or age. Our homeschool needs are varied this year, yet I can still see how Winter Wonders and other Download-N-Go lessons and lapbooks will be a benefit to us.


Bronwyn said...

Thank you for posting your review. We had done the autumn one like this because it was free. I was excited to see the winter one but wanted to know what it was like before I purchased it. Your review was very helpful.

Samvach said...

Thank you for the review - I was not aware of this series. I'll need to check that out. I heard Amanda Bennett speak at a homeschool conference a few years ago and was quite impressed with her unit study talk.