Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Military Kids - Notes from the Homefront

All kids are different. Their life experiences define who they are. I don't think you can make a kids life easy. There will always be hiccups, how you handle it will echo in how your kids handle it.

My military kids are extraordinary (aren't yours too). They show me time and time again just how resilient they are. So here is a happy list of things that I think define their lives. Some are good and some may not be in your opinion, but it is our life.

  1. Practice counting skills by counting the tanks in a convoy.

  2. Says "Hi Daddy" to all the helicopters that fly over.

  3. My oldest is in her 4th school.

  4. They hardly ever see the same Dr. We move and Dr's deploy.

  5. They struggle with remembering to ask for Dad's help. They are not used to him being home.

  6. My oldest has lived in 6 states, the youngest 4 states. They can tell you which states.

  7. They have new friends at each duty station and can't remember very many from previous stations. I do see that improving as they get older.

  8. They know what a commissary and exchange is.

  9. They know that situations we don't like are temporary - uumm California.

  10. We all stand for the National Anthem before watching a movie.

  11. They know the words to the Navy and Marine Corps songs.

  12. Seeing troops with guns does not surprise them.

There's more. Loads more. Today, I think my kids are amazing and that they are handling so much.


Andrea said...

I have to agree with that list. I was just thinking how slow the last year has been since there was no deployment or move involved. Changes seem to make time move faster. This is our 14th home in 15 years and the pace only increased after our first child came home.

Sheri said...

I love this list!!! What an honor to be a military family and our kids are incredibly blessed by this adventure too!

Sunset Learning Academy said...

This post made me laugh today. So much of it hit home! All children are special, but military children are truely a special breed! Mine are at least!