Friday, January 7, 2011

Socks and Dyslexia

Socks and dyslexia is a combination that I never thought about before. but there is a link. At least in my house there is a link.
This is a face of dyslexia.

Funny, drama, and attitude all rolled into my daughter.
She doesn't quite get what she is struggling with or that others don't struggle the same way that she does. That's ok, we want normal in all aspects of her life.

Socks, lately I have noticed that she never has on matching socks. Maybe I should say that I have not been matching the socks, but simply throwing all of our socks into a big container. Each day we sort through and find matching socks for all those that need socks. It is what it is for now.

Last night, it hit me right in the head. If a dyslexic child cannot unscramble letters or do word searches without stress then why am I expecting her to match socks in a pile that must look enormous and unstructured.


Today is a new plan and someone is going to sort socks. My sweet girl has even come up with ideas for how we can sort our socks.

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