Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Simple Pleasure & WFMW

Simple Pleasures and WFMW Spoons!

Today J and I are spending some precious time together. We are sitting in the recliner while J watches Dragon Tales. We have plenty to do today getting ready for C's birthday party, but I am enjoying our little conversations. And right now he is pretending to read. Just in case you need to know, he is 2

This week for WFMW is a litle idea for the lunch box, bag, or whatever you have. C will soon be 6 and has gotten several tea sets over the years and has many spoons. We borrowed a couple of spoons for lunches. They are deep for soups, easily wash up, I am not buying any, and if she loses them there are PLENTY more laying around. The bottom picture is a little fuzzy but I think you can see how deep the spoon is. We are at the mercy of Campbell's soup and Chef Boyardee, since C has decided no sandwiches.

Have a great week.

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