Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Yesterday, I had surgery to repair what having two kids has done to my bladder. My idea was that a month from now, I could get back into an exercise program. There was a problem inserting one of the catheters and my urethra was torn. Pretty seriously from what I can tell, because my doctor called in a urologist to stitch me up. So now I have two sets pf stitches and a catheter for a week. Frustrating, does not even begin to explain how I feel. I was ready to be back my feet and back to work in a couple of days. Now, I am laid up in the recliner on pain pills and antibiotics and I constantly fell like I have to go to the bathroom.

The kids are confused, but love the attention they are getting from their dad. Ryan took the week off to help me and thank goodness he did.

I've got time on my hands to get something accomplished.
1) start pulling together a months worth of recipes
2) find the book "America's Cheapest Family" so I can see how they shop, cook and live on one income.
3) check out a book on embroidery
4) help C do a report on Dinosaurs.
5) play with my J.

Have a great day.

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