Friday, November 9, 2007

Get tubes, remove adenoids

J's, Dr appt. went well yesterday. After J, touched everything in the room 100 times and we dropped cookie crumbs all over the floor, the Dr. came in and took one look and announced that not only do we need tubes, but we need to get rid of those adenoids. We need to keep our tonsils since we do not get sore throats right now. Mark my words, as soon as those tubes are in and the adenoids out we will start getting sore throats. That is just how it works.

C did a little singing and dancing last night at school with the rest of the 1st graders for the PTA meeting. It was cute and short. She is struggling with her work and I am wondering if she is not ready for the work required or if she does not want to do it. What a stage we are in?

I think that the weather has brought on a more homebody mood. I am wanting to cook and clean and rearrange so everything looks cozy. I have a twitch in my eye since I know that we will be moving soon. Nasty military habit. I look forward to it and have been looking to see how close I can find a house to some dear friends that already live there. She is the kind of friend that will get up on Saturday's with you to yard sale, calls when Cokes are on sale at the commissary and grocery store, and will watch my kids for free. We love her and her husband and cannot wait to see them again.

Have a great weekend and kiss your babies.

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