Friday, November 16, 2007

Another move

We are in for another move and this one will happen fast. We have about two weeks to get packed and move. So much to do, but this is a perfect time to get rid of some toys. They have way to many and their Christmas list is one toy after another. I will be glad to get there before Christmas because all of my decorations are in a box in a storage unit. I can get those out and get settled in no time.

My little man is still in the bed. He and his sister share a room and have a TV. So he got up and put on Mickey Mouse and got back in bed. I beg to get to do that. Ocaasionally he yells at the TV. What a mess he is, good thing he is so cute.

My girl is ready to move and beginning to understand that she will miss her friends. She is so strong, brave, and trusting. She wants her daddy back and is wiling to make this sacrifice to live with him again. I have got to scout new schools or figure if homeschooling is our option. I definitely will not put her in a bad school because it is the only option.

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