Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Baby Boy

My sweet boy, you had tubes put in your ears today and you had your adenoids out. You were so scared when you woke up. I wish I was there so that your first look was me, but you woke up before they got me back to you and so a sweet nurse held you while you cried. Your bottom lip quivered and you easily crawled into my arms and cried. It did not bother me at all that you were crying because I knew you were more scared than hurt.
Grammie brought you home while I got your medicine. When you woke again you were in your own bed and your mouth was hurting. We tried to get you to drink some juice or eat some ice but you wanted nothing of it. We put you back to bed and let you sleep a little longer. We put your juice cup by your bed hoping that you would wake up and drink some and it worked. After that you had two cups of chocolate milk. Now little man, if we can only get you to take some of your medicine so that you will not hurt so much.
I am proud of you. You are upset that you do not feel well, but you are not taking it out on anyone. We will have a hold me baby for a little while, but that is fine by me.
I love you,

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