Monday, November 5, 2007

Typical Military Weekend

My hubby has been on TDY (temporary orders not at home) since mid October and has not seen much of the kids and me! So, since these TDY orders were at the sunny beaches of Florida, I insisted that the kids needed to see him. He was happy to oblige and will never let on if he was not. So off we went with van packed full of things the kids can do for the 3 to 4 hour drive there. By the time we had reached the beach I had threatened to kick the kids out of the car and prohibited them to speak or look at each other. After all, I was giving them this wonderful weekend with their father could they not just get along for a little while longer. It helped that he met me at the parking deck with a mixed drink and soon my nerves seemed to crawl back into my skin.
Of course, all military plans are subject to change. So hubby had to be at work on Sat and Sun @ 1:00pm and work until after dark. Aaagh! There goes that book I brought to read.
A good friend of mine met us at our hotel on Sat afternoon and all the kids played in the heated pool and the sand on the beach. Hooray, girl talk.
After getting the kids all cleaned up we headed for Joe's Crab Shack. They have a playground and a mean Strawberry Daiquiri. It was a good time for all involved and we each left there with a $5.00 gift card for our next visit. The manager had to of felt sorry for the look on our faces and heard us bad talking our husbands. We are both military wives and do a lot of things on our own because our hubbies are off on the next training exercise, mission, or school. We stick together like glue, we are a shoulder for each other, and we don't mind leaving our kids with each other just to go to Wal Mart by ourselves.
My kids are dragging this morning after such a big weekend. They don't mind their life and all its craziness, they just need a weekend to let loose every once and a while. Mom does too!

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