Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Satisfied with patience

Happy Halloween!

I have been lazy this morning after getting every off to school. I crawled back into bed and read. I am up, dressed, and working on laundry. I managed to pull myself out of the slump that I was falling into. I am very much at a crossroads about C's school. Homeschooling keeps tugging at my heart, but I am not sure that she and I can get along all day. This is J's last week at daycare and he will be right in the thick of things if I decided to homeschool. I know there are a few things that we need to see through with school and we also need to move. We are waiting on orders and patiently keeping our fingers crossed. The Lord and I had a little talk this morning about me being satisfied in my patience. Can you imagine trying to do that? So we are waiting, gathering some info about homechool in the state we plan to move to, and planning a quick trip to the beach this weekend.

Have a great weekend, Amanda

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