Monday, October 15, 2007

Kodak Printer Giveaway @ Sprittibee

I have been drooling over the Kodak Printer that Sprittibee is offering the chance to win. We have been out and about the last couple of weekends enjoying some fall weather. Here are a few pictures that we took along the way.
Is this one big enough? Taken by me.

I can drive this tractor if you would just give me the keys. Please! C took this picture.

Never Mind, I will just see how dirty I can get. C took this picture.

Georgia Aquarium, AWESOME. Penguin exhibit is up close and personal. Check out my little man noticing the poop. Dad took this picture

Look MOM! Jellyfish just like from Nemo! C took this picture as well.

"I'm entering the Fall Five Kodak Printer Give-Away at Sprittibee's Blog. Kodak and Sprittibee are giving away an EasyShare 5300 printer!"

We are looking into getting a better camera. C loves to take pictures and I am looking for ways to help her express and learn more. We need a good computer program so that she and I can learn some editing and creative ways to improve the pictures that we take. Any ideas???

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Sprittibee said...

Yes, I have an idea for you! :) Fast Stone Image Viewer is a nice program and is free for download (of course, they do accept donations). Look them up online. They are what I use for my blog photos... to resize, crop, enhance, write on, watermark, remove red-eye, etc. I have also heard that Gimp is good... but I haven't messed with it.