Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Girl

I have not posted in a while because things have been crazy. My girl, C, is sick. She throws up everything that she eats. She will feel puny for a little while before and after she throws up but it fine other than that. I have no ideas what it going on. This has been going on since Friday night. Yesterday I thought we had it whipped, i cut out dairy and she was fine all day and ate better that she had in 3 days. About 3:00 this morning, it started over again. She has missed 2 days of school, which has not bothered me at all. I am most worried about what could be wrong. I have done a mountain of laundry.

J loves having his sister at home. Not that they play better or he wants to watch TV less, he just likes having her around.

Have a great day and say a prayer for C and for this family who lost their little boy this week. My husband knows this family because they are from the same town. So sad!

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