Friday, January 25, 2008

The ABC's

We have a fun game that we play with the ABC's. I got a pack of card stock from Hobby Lobby that was already cut into squares and used one card for each letter of the alphabet. I let C, make a letter train with all the uppercase letters. J and I come behind saying all the letters of the alphabet. Sometimes at the end of the alphabet train I will put an envelope with color or letter or number of the week. I have been loosely following Brightly Beaming Resources , I say loosely because we live in Katrina recovery zone and I cannot find 1/4 of the books that are recommended. Some weeks I cannot find enough to do the scheduled theme. It is OK, that is what homeschooling is about, change what you want.
Now when J and I are done with the alphabet walk, I give C the pile of lower case letters all mixed up and she matches them with the upper case letter. She does not necessarily need this, but she enjoys it and it puts her in a pretty good mood. While she is doing that I am going over the letter, number, or color that was in the envelope. We only do this whole process 3 days a week. C, is still in public school so sometimes we do this on the weekend to involve her. Then we read a book based on our theme.
C, will begin 2nd grade homeschooling this summer and we will not be sending her back to school next year. Dad will be deployed most of the summer so this will give us something to do. We have considered pulling her out, but since we just moved here and she put up such a brave front starting a new school we are not going to take that away from her.
That is how we do preschool homeschooling. I know that it sounds a bit boring and somedays I don't want to do the alphabet again, but my little man is stickler for routine. If I can tell that our day is going sour we will skip somethings or do nothing. I love homeschooling for that.

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

We lightly follow Letter of The Week also. My sister is in New Orleans and wouldn't leave it for anything in the world after the hurricane. She loves it.