Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sweet & Simple

Would it not be fabulous if everything would be sweet and simple? Things like a nasty colds, paycheck problems, and school issues would not exist. Then would we rely on God like he wants us to? Would we fall at his feet when things continue to get worse? Would life be easier just because we kept up with our prayer life? I have no clue! Things have gone from hard to knock me out tough around here. I have yet to figure out a good time to have a quiet time, take a walk, or how to get homework done on under an hour. And why am I spending two hours a night on homework for a first grader? I am reconsider letting her finish the first grade and then homeschool next year, but I am waiting for now.

I am working on my attitude around here. Things have been stressful financially since we moved here. The stress has caused some bite-your-head off responses from Dad and me. So I found this post and printed it out. I am working on my attitude and like the things that I see. Except for a few moments this weekend.

The punches keep coming. So I am laying it all at the feet of my Lord. I pray that we can find some peace in this new town. We are gearing up for a deployment and that always makes the stress level rise and I need the problems that we are facing to be gone by the time the deployment gets here. So I ask that if you are the praying type to please say a prayer for us. We need some peace with each other, with finances, with neighbors.

Have a great day. Amanda

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Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

You're officially added to my prayer list :) I hope things settle down for you soon.

I find it so interesting that when people are really, truly honest about their lives, we all seem to struggle with similar things. We all have those times of "bad attitude" especially when times are more stressful than usual.

Thank you for writing this post. I read several Christian blogs that I thoroughly enjoy- but sometimes feel defeated when those families seem to have everything 100% together 100% of the time. As if they never struggle with their walk or fall short.

It encourages me to know that there are women out there that can admit when they've struggled a bit in certain areas but are still determined to "lay it at the feet of the Lord" and do better the next day. <---- that's the best (and only) attitude to have when you get right down to it.

Thanks for reminding me.