Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekend Plans

We have been here a month and a half and already we are cleaning out the garage. We are also cleaning the clutter out of the house and it has taken up residence in the garage. Today it was moved to the garbage can.
We also have been listing things on ebay.
We have been to the Humane Society thrift store once to drop off some stuff.
Now I need the motivation to get through some paper work around here and put up, throw away, and shred.
Exciting times here.
This weekend I am hoping that the weather keeps up and we can try out a new park that I saw and maybe a walk on the beach. There is a thrift store I want to dig through. We bought Checkers for C last weekend at Goodwill and so we have a little rivalry going on. She is a bit of a sore loser but we are working on it. I blame the grandparents for always letting her win. On top of that we are trying out a new church on Sunday.
That is about it for us.
What are your weekend plans.

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