Monday, April 28, 2008

Did you know

Did you know that it takes a full episode of Desperate Housewives to fold all of our laundry? I did not get the kids stuff put up because they were asleep or supposed to be asleep. Of course in the course of folding clothes I had to find a blanket, a Ziploc bag for marbles, and let the dog out to potty.
Back to the weekly grind today. 3 1/2 weeks left of school for C and she is ecstatic. I need to wash our sheets and get some things put away. It is still wet outside from all the rain so we will be home bound.
I am starting something new with the kids this week. Once a week we are going to have a nice dinner. Something special for me and the kids. I bought some floating candles and will put them in a bowl, use my grandmother's dishes, and cook something nice, but kid friendly. Hopefully this will remind us how to sit at a dinner table, but also help us focus on each other for a little while. So much of the time dinner is a rushed affair or aggravation because the kids are acting like wild banshees. We are going to start working on our manners with J, he seems to have forgotten everything.
Both the kids are going through some type of rebellion. They are pushing their luck and try to see how far I will bend. I have had to be a bit ugly and remind them that our rules still stand even with Daddy across the country. This is pretty typical for deployments, all part of our transition.
I have rambled long enough, have a great Monday. Amanda

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