Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our Week

Things seem to be moving along smoothly. I hope those are not famous last words. The kids are doing good other than being kids. A little bit of arguing is expected from kids at their ages, a little bit of talking back, but mostly I have some loving kids who just want to be cuddled with. Of course one has taken up residence in my bed, but we will not worry about that for about 5 more months.
Say a prayer for our troops over there. The small pox vaccine is kicking their butts. They are learning to live with people who are not their families and not used to their own quirkiness. (Is that a word). Anyway, adjustments are being made all over the world.
In other news, there is only 3 1/2 weeks left of school and I cannot wait until we are free to visit some family and friends. We have started a list of the things that we want to do. Want to see.
  • See Kylie and Ms Holly in Florida
  • Go to the waterpark
  • See Papa and Mamaw's new house, go fishing
  • Go swimming at Memaw and Poppy's with Maddie and Em
  • Watch tons of movies, we just got Netflix
  • Swimming at the pool on base and at the beach
  • Go to the zoo in New Orleans
  • Read all the books before the Kit movie comes out July 2nd
  • Go visit Uncle Brad and see the Atlanta Aquarium and Zoo

There will be more because we plan to stay busy, do you have any specific plans? Tell me about them. Have a great weekend. Amanda

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