Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What I learned from my daughter

We have said no way to Bra*z dolls from the get go. We told our daughter that we did not approve of the dolls and the way that they were dressed. It seemed to represent something we did not want for our daughter. I stood my ground and even returned one that was given as present. Now that C is 6, the pleading and begging has picked up a step and so has the sneakiness. Is that a word. So while shopping with my mom for Mother's Day presents, C talked her into a Bra*z doll. It came with makeup and fake fingers nails as well, all the things that little girls want to do. I asked her why she got a Bra*z doll after I had told her that I did not want her having any.

Quite simply she stated that she found one that was dressed in something that I would like.

And it is.

Then she shoved some words back in my mouth and stated that we cannot dislike someone because of the way they dress, everyone deserves a friend.

And she is right.

So I learned that there will be things that she and I disagree on, but maybe I need to relax and realize that some things can be consumed in moderation. We may never have another Bra*z now that she has gotten one and the feet will not stay on, but there will be other things. Communication will be essential when we discuss whether we will allow that in our lives.

I love my sneakly little girl and I can teach her a lesson or two just as much as she can teach me.


Sarah said...

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Laura said...

We have said no Bratz, either...and so far, so good...they have played with them at friends' houses, and see how cr*ppy they are, and now have no desire...unless they're not telling me...