Monday, June 16, 2008

An end and a beginning

That dang dance recital is over. Now the summer can begin. My Memaw would wash my mouth out with soap for saying dang, or she would threaten to. A 4 hour recital is VERY LONG! Those poor kids were exhausted. They were so happy to change costumes and do their dance, but so tired when it was all done. A few tears and I saw a couple of fits from younger kids, bit all in all a smooth recital. Next year, my girl wants to fo more dances. 3 classes to be exact!

My boy was a trooper and sat with my mom until C's dances were over and then took him home. They were asleep when we got home.

We are off to spend some time with family and friends. Hope your summer is going well. Have a great week.

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