Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Being Mommy to a Boy

I am not sure that I am cut out to be the mom of a boy. J fell forward while sitting at my desk and did some damage to the gums above his 2 front teeth. I took him to our dentist who said that he will probably lose those teeth, watch for infection, and if they start to turn then she will take them out.
You can't really see anything in the picture, but it looks a bit grosser in person. My heart stopped when I heard him hit the desk. All that blood made him more nervous than me. He has been on a roll lately having one minor emergency after another.

My brother fell when he was about J's age and chipped his front tooth. It created and abscess and the tooth had to be pulled. He was in speech therapy for years because it affected his pronunciation. He is fine now, you would never know except for the southern accent.

In other news, we have a tree frog that has taken up residence in the backyard and he is getting big. The kids love him, but he does not care for them much.

C tried her hand at rock climbing and loved it. Not very good but she will do it again and get better. Sorry the photo is sideways, I did not change it before I loaded it.

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