Thursday, July 24, 2008

No More Whine

I borrowed the flylady book from a friend of mine. I wanted to see what she had been raving about. She has a lot of valid points and a great system. We will be implementing some of it into our routine. We do not have a cluttered house, but we do have some Hot Spots that need attention. Moving from state to state like we do, I tend to purge out the unnecessary before each move. We still collect things that we don't need, but we do not go overboard like we would do if we lived in the same place for 15 to 20 years.

One thing that struck to the core with me was the whining. The whine factor has picked up in our home and is driving me crazy. Part of it is their age, the other is just annoying. I realized about a week ago, that they were picking up their whining from me. What was intended as a reminder that they were not doing the job that I asked them to do sounded like whining to them. So they were just repeating the tone that they heard from me. WOW, that is exactly what FlyLady said in her book.

So I took her advice and stopped cold turkey. I do gently ask C, what it was that she was doing, because she is easily distracted. I do not tell her to get back to this or that, or why aren't you doing this or that. I am setting up a routine and we will all have a job to do and a time to do that job in. Top on that job list is getting C to keep her room in better shape. She was always the child that would dump all the toys on the floor and then not want to play because of the mess. So we begin by teaching her how to keep her room in a way that it can be cleaned up quickly and efficiently,

So wish me luck and any ideas would be so appreciated. We are under 3 months to hubby is home from deployment and I do not want him walking into a war zone at home.


The Mrs. said...

I've heard of the flylady and after what you described I think I might have to get her book too. I'm tired of the same old "hot spots" in the house and the whining. The whining is driving me mad!

good luck getting your war zone spiffed up!

Tarrah said...

Wow, what a great point. My daughter has been all whining lately. Of course we did just move, she has no friends yet, and we are about to have a baby. but maybe she is picking it up from me.

I'll have to pay more attention.

Thank's for your comment today. I am loving NC very much right now and we are excited to grow as a family here. I was reading through your posts, yeah on San Diego. My husband and I lived there for 3 years when he was in the Navy and we loved it. It is expensive but there is a ton to do and there are amazing chuches there.

It was nice to "meet" you:)