Monday, July 21, 2008

Surviving Deployment - A picnic

Today was a missing Daddy kind of day. Tempers and emotions were on the surface every time I turned around. So I sent everyone upstairs for a few minutes of alone time. Hoping that everything would be back to normal. While making lunch I decided that we needed a picnic lunch, but it is awfully hot out there and the flies are terrible. I put my imagination in over drive and began thinking of somewhere to have lunch that was going to be stress free. I came up with the back of R truck. The garage door that leads into the house had been left open and the garage was cool. So I set up the picnic with a blanket and couch cushions.

C brought her dolls and enjoyed pouring tea for everyone.
My little man was very careful with his tea cup.
The stress level fell and things are better here in the house.
There is not a secret to surviving deployment. You have to be able to take the good with the VERY BAD and improvise. I never would have thought to have a picnic in the back of the truck that is parked in the garage. I knew that the kids needed to talk about Daddy, but I did not push. He came up in our conversations and it was good things. If I had started asking them how they were, or if they missed Daddy, then we all would have been in tears. Hopefully we are under 3 months till Daddy is home and then he will laughingly shake his head at us for having a picnic in his truck. He does not always get out goofiness, but he does participate in our antics.


Sheri said...

Ah, what a fantastic idea! Praise the Lord for giving you such a special time when Daddy is away... my hubby isn't deployed right now, but is TDY till Friday. It's always hard, but God is faithful!

Your kids are adorable and they sure are blessed to have a mommy who comes up with such fun and cool ideas!

Sprittibee said...

I tried to email you and it came back undeliverable. :) This is Sprittibee with the HSBA trying to get your swap questions to you so we can pair you up! ;) Email me soon!

Angela said...

We have been having those kind of days ourselves... what a great idea!

The Mrs. said...

Those really are the hardest days. When they just seem to be headed straight for a melt down and the worst is when they seem to beg for daddy.

Great idea with the picnic in the garage. Nothing like a change of the norm to help the kids out of a funk... or at least preoccupy them!