Friday, July 11, 2008

Time will tell

When your 3 yr old tells you to stand back because this is dangerous. All you can do is laugh. I mean really, how much danger can he cause. J has a hard time remembering that he is only 3 yrs old. Over the last week, he has been the most accident prone kid. He busted his knee open and we had to glue it back together. He got poison (ivy or oak) on his ankle and his foot swelled up. He fell off the bunk beds and was to shocked to cry. J will be 4 soon and I have a feeling that things have only just begun.

We are home from vacation and have been lazy. The suitcases are still packed and laundry is piling up but I am not motivated. I did manage to wash the dog again because she has picked up fleas.

Our 4th of July was fabulous but my camera is messed up so there are no pictures. We sat on the beach in the breeze and watch fireworks in every direction.
Hope you have a great weekend. Amanda

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