Monday, August 11, 2008

What I thought I knew

I have had it in my head that C was a certain type of learner and that we could do school the good old Charlotte Mason way. I was wrong. I love to read and thought I could transfer that over to C. She is really struggling with reading, does not want to listen to me read to her, and gets easily distracted. So I went back to the library and got The Well Trained Mind book by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise. I think that this classical approach will suit C a bit better. Of course, we will allow C to develop interest on her own and if that leads us down a different road that will be ok.

I know that I have to let C deprogram a bit and I have pretty much given her the whole summer, but that child does not like to do school work. Every time I turn my back she is darting out of the room. So by noon, I am so tired of the constant tug of water with keeping her entertained and in the same spot. I want to set a timer so that things are done within a time frame, but that makes her cry. Without me standing over her she will not do it. Today I let everything go, just to see how long it would take her to write a date and color a picture. 35 minutes because of bathroom breaks, I gotta tell you something, let me find the pencil sharpener argument, and other things. And the jealousy over her brother running around and not finishing anything is bordering on ridiculous. He is 3 and not set to her standards, but she does not see that.

So what's next? I have no idea. I am not sure whether to build a chart so that she can track her times and assignments or if that will make her harder on herself. Set a goal of working on one subject per day. Stay right on top of her until she gets into the habit. Or buy a whole curriculum so that it seems that someone beside me is giving the assignments. I will take all the suggestions that you can give.

I can easily change my style of doing things. Anything to make things easier on her, but i don't know what to so with someone who does not want to do the work. Keep us in your prayers.


Laura said...

Am I picking up correctly that this is your first year homeschooling? When I started, people told me to be easy on my kids for the whole first year...that somewhere toward the end of that school year, they'd actually start adjusting.

Give her time...really...she'll get there!

Tarrah said...

That sounds exactly like how my daughter would be. I am really trying to figure out if I want to homeschool. I really really do but my daughter is such a strong willed child that I think it would really hurt our relationship and we would constantly be fighting. I will say a prayer for you and hope things get better. If we are consistant, they will get the hang of it right??