Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Old Schoolhouse

I cannot say enough things about the brand new household planner from The Old Schoolhouse. I got this planner as a download to my computer and was able to view the pages and weed out a few things that did not pertain to me. For instance, with small kids I did not need some of the high school planning pages.

Before Gustav, wrecked my week and we had to evacuate, I had a list of things that I loved about TOS planner. I cannot find that list right now, so I am working from memory.

My Favorite Things about the TOS Planner:
  • Huge calendar blocks. The calendar pages take up to pages and the blocks for each day are bigger and can fit more into them.

  • Each month has a theme. After each month's calendar pages is a page of composers, capitals of cities and countries, and other great facts. These pages can be used for years. Once this planner is used Take the pages you will reuses and store them in a binder or with other school reference pages.
  • Each month also has websites listed that will connect with tons of information that is connected with that months themes.

  • Oh my, at the planning pages. You can plan the year or 12 years.

  • Curriculum guide. Take this planner with you when you are curriculum shopping whether at home or at the curriculum fair.

  • Plan meals, keep pet records, pantry inventory. No wonder this can be used as a home planner as well.

This planner may be a large, bulky buy, but with all the tasks that a homeschool mom juggles, she needs something to keep her organized, prioritized, and in control. This will be a great tool when we move across country next year. I will be able to stay organized and know where the paperwork is when we get to our next duty station. Our home, school, and life will be better if I can continue to rely on this well thought out planner.

The Old Schoolhouse Planner is worth it's weight. I am recommending it for all the homeschooling moms out there.

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Sheri said...

Hi there fellow crew mate! Wanted to stop by and say hello and tell you I am looking forward to working with you on this project! Have a great weekend-
Sheri (aka: 1 of 100)