Friday, September 5, 2008

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Way back when we had one child and she was only 2 yrs old, R and I began discussing homeschooling with other homeschoolers and with each other. When I get an idea in my head, I research it. So when we started talking about homeschooling C, I looked up everything that I could find on the Internet. One of the resources that I found was The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I think at that time you could get a free issue sent to you or maybe I looked at it online. Well I should have subscribed. I may have been convinced that I could homeschool my children long before now if I had tried it further. We were not sure of ourselves as homeschool parents and we do not have much family support. Anyways! The point is this magazine is great.

Years later we are finally venturing on the homeschool journey and I did buy a subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. The digital issues are great for me to sit down at the computer and browse through. Being a constantly moving military family, the digital issues allow me to be a bit more clutter free.

It is the articles that keep me coming back. I read some articles over and over again hoping their knowledge and experience will leap off that page and sink into me and my kids. Homeschool experts, homeschool parents and students, as well as representatives from HSLDA keep us in the loop and encourage us to stay on top of our game.

Now, if the magazine could only cure my daughter's frustration with reading I would be all set.

Have a great day. Amanda

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