Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We had just gotten into a routine when Gustav interrupted our life. Please continue to pray for those that still do not have power or are having to deal with damage to their homes. And now it looks like Ike could slam into Texas. I am living in Katrina zone. As much progress as there has been here there is so much more to go. I hate to see another area that has been affected just as bad as this area is.

So now I am back to building a routine that everyone can be happy with. Yesterday was very bad with my 7 yr old. She does not like to read or write. She completely collapses in tears when forced with copy work. She is not yet able to come up with sentences on her own and write them out. Well, she can come up with sentences if I am writing them. I had been trying to tell her teacher's that she was memorizing the words instead of learning to read and now I am picking up the pieces, but that is all right. We are working at her pace and taking the bad days with the good.

My little man seems to like his phonics. He loves tracing letters, shapes, and lines. Our favorite new game is a color matching game. I have a set of flash cards that look like crayons. I let him pick a color, he has to tell me the color, and he has to go match that color with something else in the house. On our feet and moving counts as exercise right?

On top of all that, we are finally, hopefully, on the down hill slide to Daddy's return. We don't have a date yet, but October is the month. As many of you know that have been through all of this the last month is the worse. The anxiety that builds and the stress of the dates changing is worse on the kids than the moms.

So the next month probably want see a whole lot of anything going on, especially if we melt in this heat and humidity.

Have a great day,


Michelle said...

I hope these next few weeks pass quickly and he'll be home before you know it!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

October should be here before you know it! What a wonderful thing to look forward to!