Thursday, October 2, 2008

More on that Birthday

Yesterday was my little man's 4th birthday and we had a very busy day. We have a little tradition at our house of birthday cake for breakfast on your birthday. It is so much fun to sing Happy Birthday first thing in the morning and to open presents. Now that changes when Daddy is not on deployment, we may have cake for breakfast and then open presents when Daddy is home for dinner. Well after the kids dressed and played in the yard, we had to run off some sugar for sure, we headed to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. That is a first for us and it was very calm. Finally it was off to Wal Mart to spend some of that birthday money that everyone had sent.

My Little Man, you are a blessing to this family that we did not even know was missing. When you came into our lives you fit so perfectly. It was like you had been there all along. The day that you were born was scheduled because you were getting so big. Once the pitocin was started at the hospital I had a hard time getting comfortable. The nurses kept me rolling from side to side trying to get me comfortable, but that was not OK with you. Your heartbeat would drop when I moved around causing everyone to be scared, but you were fine.

After two pushes you were out and you did not do much crying. Once you were wrapped up and warm you were fine. The nurses did not like you sleeping so much because they wanted you to eat every three hours. Little did they know that you would always eat exactly when you want to and not a moment earlier. You were a perfect baby who slept a lot and only fussed when you needed us. You would wake up and lay in bed until you were hungry.

Now at 4 years old, you are a serious little guy. You love movies way to much, watching the same one over and over. You do not like loud noises or crowds of people. You make friends for life and seriously get your feeling hurt when someone disappoints you. Little man, you do not take changes very easily. From changing your room around to move to another house or state. You do
not like change.

You play with trains, cars, and dinosaurs. You still carry your blanket around and we do not care one bit about that. You love to cuddle and you have no problem telling on your parents to your grandparents. I am not sure when you will realize that Grammie is not coming to spank me. My favorite saying of your is "that's not what I was expecting."

Happy Birthday my boy. We love you and cannot wait to see how you grow. Thanks for tolerating us.

Love, Mama and Daddy

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