Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh, the week has come. I won't give you specifics but by the weekend we will have Daddy. By the way, you should never give out details of your loved ones arrival and departure. There are still people out there that want to harm Americans, especially American military and their families.
The kids are excited, although they do not know all the details because I do not want them upset if the date or time changes. Our family is calling daily to see if there are any updates or changes. I have made it clear that no one should travel here to meet us. We are not trying to be mean, but he will be exhausted and it stresses him out to try to spend time with everyone. So we will take a few days for ourselves and then head out to see his parents and mine. They all live in the same state.
The kids are still finalizing the Halloween costume ideas and we have got to get on the ball with that. We have to decide if we will be home for Halloween or at one of our parents. If we will be here then we need to get some pumpkins to go with all of our other decorations outside.
I am working on some reviews for The Homeschool Crew. Check back in a couple of days. Until then. Have a great day.


Jessica said...

I am so happy for you and your family. I know how you feel.

My Dh will be leaving for deployment in January, so our journey hasn't even begun yet.


Jennefer said...

What a gorgeous blog! I have read your last several posts and I am thrilled to see that your dh will be home soon. I can't wait to read future posts telling all about the special times you'll all share once you are reunited!


Amie@HeartSmiles said...

What wonderful news for you guys!

Happy Happy DAy!

mindi said...

That is SOO exciting for you!! I am thrilled! And can only imagine how you will feel when the time comes. Mine will be home sometime in the next two months. That's a goal, at least :)