Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WFMW, Puzzles in the car.

We just happen to be moving and so there are flat cardboard boxes in my car and the back two seats in my van are out. Now that you know that, what worked for me today was to use the flat cardboard box as a table to work puzzles in the back of my van while waiting on C to get done with dance. Her dance class is 1 hr 15 mins. and I don't like leaving her there for very long. I may run get McD's or Chick Fil A but I am always right back in the parking lot waiting. My little man, J, is usually watching a movie or doing flips over the seats. He is to loud to sit inside. We have some floors puzzles that are fabulous for preschoolers and it would be easy to have a section of cardboard under one of the seats. We did puzzles in the car today and it was fun.
Also, cut a lap size section from a peice of cardboard and give them a few crayons. They love it. It is something different from normal.

Updated: I found this in my posts and I had never published it. So now that both of the kids are in gymnastics at the same time this is not as useful to use but hopefully it will be to somebody else. Notice the old WFMW picture.

Check out Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer for more helpful hints.


Wani said...

great idea! My 3yr old would love that!

Gray Matters said...

Somehow my kids think everything is more fun to do in the car!

Jodi said...

yeah - my little guy (2) loves climbing over the seats, standing in the front "driving" - got to love it!