Sunday, December 7, 2008

Alphabet Alley

Alphabet Alley was gracious enough to send us the Two x Two Memory Game ($5.99) and the Noah's Ark Go Fish Game ($10.99) to play with. My kids LOVED these games. When we went over the Jesse Tree ornament the other day, they quickly brought these two games up because they are both about Noah's Ark. That my friends is learning at its best. When a 4 year old starts to connect the dots like that it makes this Mama proud. Just a year and a half ago we wondered if he would ever talk.
Back to Alphabet Alley, this company is all in the family and stems from one mom's desire to have more faith based toys for her children. Way to go, Marilyn! Linda! and Mimi! You are doing a great job
If you have older kids, I would highly recommend the magnetic story boards. Let your child act out Easter, Creation, Jesus' birth, weddings, and having a new baby with the magnetic characters. They learn more and just by sitting and watching you can catch what they are truly thinking, understanding, or having a problem with.

My wish list, for the kids of course, includes at set of the Wooden Stacking Blocks ($21.99). Hopefully they will be available soon. The games that we received are printed on good quality paper and are heavy duty. The Two x Two matching games pieces are laminated cardboard type pieces that are small enough for my little guy to play with. Not to many pieces at one time helps him sit and play the whole game. The pictures are very cute and appeal to kids in many age levels.

Check them out, I am sure you will find something for your children, grandchildren, and all the others :)

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Alycia said...

How fun Amanda!! These games look like something Hannah would really enjoy :) Thanks also for the sweet comment on my blog!