Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rime to Read

A fun reading program that the kids and I recently got to review is Rime To Read. These are simple readers for younger children or children that need some extra work/help. Your children can read these readers on the computer or you can print them out. My daughter was in need of some extra work in the reading department. Rather than push her we have taken a backseat to see if she will approach reading on her own. She has and she loved to sit and read these books her confidence has improved because of a couple of steps that we took and lifted the pressure off of her.
Rime to Read is a relatively new company started by a couple of women whom teaching is a passion. The twenty readers are easy to click through or print out. They have recently added sound to their readers. If your child has a problem with a word he can click on the word to hear the correct pronunciation. Any problems that have risen from having this installed on their website they have quickly taken care of. Their customer service is outstanding.
Some of the benefits of purchasing their program would be getting the readers right at your finger tips, correct pronunciation (not everyone understands Southern), and cute pictures.
Click on their link to try your first book for free.

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