Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Little Man in the Map

While we are talking about geography. See this post. A fun book that my kids have enjoyed is The Little Man in the Map from Schoolside Press. This is a fun story that helps kids remember the names of states and where they are on the map. Since we live in his boots, my kids can never forget where we are. Can you find his boots on the picture below?

We were already studying geography in our homeschool, but I could never get my little man involved in looking for the states and remembering the capitals. Now that has not changed much, but he likes this book and is remembering some of the things that he see and hears.

We also play a little game in the car. We travel a lot. So anytime that we cross states lines we yell "Hello Alabama, Goodbye Mississippi" and so on depending on where we are traveling to and from. Many times we take this book and the kids look for the states as we go through them or if we see car tags to a state that we have never been before.

You can find Little Man in the Map and the Wall Map set at The Old Schoolhouse Store.

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