Wednesday, December 17, 2008

January Module

The Schoolhouse Planner was introduced to us back at the beginning of summer. It was a great way to get us all started in the right direction for our homeschool year. There was something for everyone and it was easily adaptable for every need and household.

Another great idea from the folks over at The Old Schoolhouse was to build modules to coincide with each month in the planner. You don't have to have the planner to enjoy the module, but it does not hurt.

Next month is January and we will all need a kick start in the educating of our children mode. January's Module is just the thing to help get you motivated. It is all about states, geography, landmarks across the country, capitals and so much more. I love geography, maybe it is because we move so much as a military family, but we love learning about where we will be. There's coloring pages, copy work, read aloud information, matching, word search, and more.

We have a map up in our dining room, a small one that has stickers for each state that we study, but we have a larger map in the garage (no wall space here) and we go to it regularly. We look to see where one state is in relation to another, where landmarks are, and why we can't just drive to the Grand Canyon for a picnic. My kids' lives are in constant motion and having that map to go to and understand helps them to ground where they are now.

Check back soon and purchase the January Module. Take your kids on a trip even if it is with your imagination and if you need a postcard from the Big Easy just let me know.

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