Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Times Tables

I love Trigger Memory's motto on their website "Turn Tears into Triumph." Do you remember how difficult learning the times tables where. I can still remember standing by Ms Knight's desk each week to recite that weeks time table. With Trigger Memory, pictures are used to visually remind kids of their times tables. A picture in their head to remember the difficult ones.
My daughter is a bit young to take a hold of the times tables, but we went through the book and she enjoyed trying. She completely understood, but it confused her when we went back to trying to carry numbers in triple digit addition. So we are definitely coming back to this and I can't wait. C does well in math and I am sure that she will do well when we venture into the time tables. Definitely worth the $29.95 for the first book in the Trigger Memory system. You can look here for a sample story.

With Trigger Memory we also got the Flip Charts for bedroom cleaning, laundry and zone cleaning. My kids loved these. We are working on assigning and learning chores and we used the charts especially in teaching C to clean her room. Why that child draws a blank when it comes to cleaning up her own mess is beyond me! I especially like the laundry system, but all the flip charts are great for implementing and training your kids to be helpers in the home.

I forgot to add! You can find all the Trigger Memory books and Flip Charts at The Old Schoolhouse Store. Enjoy!

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Alycia said...

I love the looks of the multiplication Trigger Memory system!! Thanks so much for sharing these :) I always love when I get glimpses into what other families are using!! Merry Christmas!