Monday, December 15, 2008

Time 4 Learning

Time 4 Learning is a great approach to teaching or reviewing while allowing computer time. My kids are always asking to be on the computer and Time 4 Learning gives us quality educational programs for them to pour over. My kids especially loved all the characters, graphics, and colors in each lesson. They were caught the first time they tried Time 4 Learning and continue to go back.
All children learn and grow at different levels. One of my favorite things about Time 4 Learning was that the site can be tailored so that my kids were learning on their level in each subject. For example, C has problems with reading but does great in math. So her reading program and math/science program were on different levels. All the grade levels and even the subjects can be tailored to what you want your kids to learn and review. At any time you can assess their school work and change their grade level.
There is a parents forum where you can ask questions, give advice, and see that your kids are not the only ones struggling with a particular subject.
Time 4 Learning allows you to access your kids work and see just how well they are doing. Some kids respond to grades and with the assessment that can see exactly how they scored. As a homeschooling parent, we rarely use scores for anything but some days we take a look to see how they are doing or if they are just rushing through. Kind of like a check up on the kids.
I loved Time 4 Learning mostly because it was useful for my 4 year old. There are not many programs out there that will cater to kids that young and this program did an outstanding job of getting J's attention and keeping it.
There are sample lessons to try, so go take a look and see if this program would be a great fit for your family. I think that with winter weather on its way. This may be a great way to pass some of that time.

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