Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Peterson's Handwriting

I was so excited to receive the Peterson's Directed Handwriting program. I just knew that this method of handwriting would turn C's handwriting into readable words. The hands on approach to learn to write, the silly songs, and whole mind and body method was sure to work for my 2nd grader. I have to say that she was not crazy about this method. She gave it a good try, but it was just not for her. She had already learned to write and just could not get past learning that way nor did she have a desire to relearn writing.

What we loved was the program for the preschool and kindergarten aged children. See the picture below to see all that comes with that program.

J loved the work books and fun things that could be done with each lesson to learn his letters and begin learning to write. I put little expectation out there for him because he usually runs and hides when something looks like school work. He really did like this and he loved learning the sign language for each letter of the alphabet. He has been known to practice writing his letters with his fingers and whole arm while we are standing in line at the store.

I still would like to purchase the ABC wall cards, desk strips, and some pencil grippers for both of my kids. Although this method is a bit different from what most schools teach, if you have a desire to teach your kids a way that will lead them easily into cursive you should look into Peterson's Handwriting.

One more thing to mention. Handwriting is a difficult thing to teach. Any problems that you may run into while working with the Peterson's Handwriting material can easily be discussed with the good people at Peterson's Handwriting. They love to help and are willing to answer any questions you may have before, during, or after your purchase and teaching.

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