Monday, December 29, 2008

So what now?

Christmas is all over. The tree is coming down today. The kids are spending a few days with the grandparents. So what now?

Life still moves on and we have to move with it. For many year, I have felt a big let down at the end of the holiday season and I am determined not to let that happen this year. We will move forward with the rest of the world. I think that it will help that the kids and I have a few days apart from each other. That never happens in this military family so we are blessed to be close enough that they can stay with their grandparents.

While they are gone I will:
  • clean out their rooms
  • organize garage
  • take down Christmas decorations
  • NOT watch toons
  • eat what I want, when I want
  • start planning a garage (you can do that in the south)
  • play Wii without them HA!
  • get ready for a few more months of homeschool

I miss my kids when they are away from me, but I am glad for a few days to recharge. Daddy is still working crazy hours so I have had lots of time to myself. So what would you do if faced with a few days to yourself and you did not have to leave the house?

Have a great week. Amanda

1 comment:

mindi said...

Hmmm, good question, I am NEVER alone!! Looks like you have some great goals though :)
Good luck, I hope to get something accomplished this year!