Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All About Spelling

One of the reasons that R and I chose to homeschool C was that she was struggling with reading. We can't see any specific reasons for a reading delay, it was just that she was learning the wrong way for her. She was being overlooked in a classroom with 20 other kids.

One of my goals as a homeschool parent was to get C to the point where she enjoyed reading. I did not want to stand over her and force her to read. That would not be fun for any of us.

Enter All About Spelling. I started with Level 1,even though she knows most of the words in Level 1. It has really helped boost her confidence in sounding our words and reading words. At $29.95 for the entire Level 1 set, this set is well worth your money.

There are 4 levels to All About Spelling. Each level builds off of the previous level, has spelling word cards, and a certificate of completion that can be presented to your student at the end. You do not have to start at Level 1, we chose to, but you can start with where your child needs to start.

The words card about did me in. They had to be cut and sorted when they came in. So many word cards. You will need a small index card sized file box to sort them into. GOOD NEWS, Level 1 of All About Spelling will soon have perforated edges and trust me, you want the perforated edges. They will soon have the cards perforated in all the levels. These cards are greatly used.

There are letter tiles to the All About Spelling method that have been a fun addition to the spelling, sounding out, and reading program around here. The letter tiles come with magnets that can be attached and makes the letter tiles even more enticing to little kids. We have done the ABC's, spelled names, sounded out words, and played many games with the letters and letter combination tiles. I think being hands on helped C realize the sounds of the letters better.
Thank you All About Spelling, you truly helped out daughter improve her spelling and reading skills. She still struggles with trying to memorize words instead of learning to read them, but we are seeing huge improvements in her willingness to read and her reading ability.
Check them out if you get a chance.

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Michelle said...

thank you for your comment about our current move! We've finally cleared housing and are on our way. We're staying w/my inlaws for Christmas and then continue on to MD on Fri. I'll be glad when this is over and we're all settled!

This sounds like a wonderful product, thanks for the review!