Monday, December 22, 2008


Puppetools is a fun site that helps parents and kids play together while learning. There are infinite possibilities of subjects that can be related to kids with the help of puppets. While many kids may be scared of dressed up characters, they would love the chance to hold their very own puppet. That is exactly what we did with my son. Mr Shy has little love to show for Santa, Chuck E, or the Easter Bunny, but loved the chance to entertain us with the puppets.

I have to admit that the puppets where a struggle for us. My husband got it figured out and we enjoyed an impromptu puppet show. I have also overheard other stuffed animals having a sweet little conversation with our puppet. I wish that I could have gotten a picture or video of proof that some of what I teach sinks in.

You can check out Puppetools pricing options here. There are a couple of plans that may work for you or a group.

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