Sunday, January 18, 2009

A simple prayer

The other night I laid awake in bed worrying over this move to California and what all it involves. I prayed to God for all the good things in my life and the stress that I felt I was enduring. One thought that popped into my head was "God please give me the faith to do this." I stopped myself and actually sat up in bed.

Did I actually just ask God to give me Faith? What was I thinking? Faith is one of those things that I am supposed to have. I pick it up each morning as I start my day and carry it around with me to witness all the good and bad parts of myself and my day. So why was I asking for Faith?

You can imagine that I sat up for a while communing with God to get this all figured out. Because I was quite sure that God was trying to tell me something, not because I am a wonderfully gifted woman when it comes to Christianity. I struggle just like everyone else, maybe more than some and less than others.

What I came to see was that God allowed me to question my faith because I had not taken everything to him in prayer. Uh -duh! Did you see that coming? I should have. I worry to much stressing over the details and making to many lists. Now I think that lists are good, but they should not control us.

What I should have done was take the worries of our move and lay them at God's feet. Allow Him to handle the problems of a cross country move. So now that I have done what any child of God should have done, I am open for the direction that God is sending us in. Yes, that does mean that I get to make lists. Writing down the plans that are coming to me is getting our whole family excited and having doable lists helps my husband and I communicate.

How exciting that when I falter God allows mean to continue to turn to Him for help, He continues to love me, and He continues to guide me. I am so glad to have God that loves the details.

Praise be to God, who has not rejected my prayer or withheld his love from me! Psalms 66:20
Have a great week.

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